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Our Current Clinical Trials

We are developing an investigational drug candidate that aims to reduce inflammation in patients with Chronic Kidney disease with inflammation. The drug in development is called ziltivekimab and binds to interleukin-6 (IL-6), an inflammatory moiety. Ziltivekimab has completed a Phase 1/1b clinical study in patients with CKD ( identifier: NCT03126318).

Ziltivekimab has also completed a Phase 1/2 study in CKD patients on dialysis to evaluate the safety, pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamic effects of multiple doses of ziltivekimab ( identifier: NCT02868229).

In June 2019, we initiated a Phase 2b study, called RESCUE, to determine a dose to select patients for a potential cardiovascular outcome trial with ziltivekimab ( identifier: NCT03926117).

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